Managing Change Initiatives and Coaching Change Agents

Do you need help managing change in your organisation?

Cole-McKee Partnership have decades of experience helping organisations with effective and productive change management. We can help you with:

Change Initiatives

Research over the last 10 – 15 years shows that:

a) 50-80% of change initiatives fail to meet their objectives

b) there are things which you can do to increase the chance that your change management project will be one of those that succeeds.

We work in close partnership with clients to:

  • apply the latest knowledge about managing change.
  • understand how to apply these ideas & techniques more generally in their organisations.

You can see how we have approached some Change initiatives with some of our clients if you Click Here

Young businessman seated with a notebook.

Coaching Key Change Agents

Few managers, however senior, have had much systematic help in the tough area of change management. We help organisations to identify key people who can make a difference. Recent research points to certain types of individual who create the “Tipping Point” for managing change on a large scale. We help to identify and develop these people. Our work is to help these individuals become powerful catalysts for managing change.

Our change agent development brings together several facets of Cole-McKee’s work. As well as great coaching this work requires acute practical awareness of change in organisations. Cole-McKee has a rare bank of talent for this demanding work.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact Rosanne Cole