Senior Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Cole-McKee has developed a distinctive but “gimmick free” style of Leadership Coaching and Development; designs are selected from a range of options based on the best current research and practice.

We believe that leadership development must be matched carefully to the organisational context and we therefore only offer tailored programmes built around the organisation’s needs, and these three building blocks:

Leadership Capability

What individual leaders do is at the heart of effective organisations. To develop, leaders need to:

  • Understand leadership qualities and what leaders do
  • Understand personal strengths and development needs as a leader
  • Reflect on personal Values and how these can develop leadership
  • Focus on specific leadership issues and addressing priorities

The Leadership Team

This is applicable where the group attending the workshop need to support each other’s leadership efforts. It is especially important where the group needs to work together to provide leadership in an organisation. Issues addressed at this level can include:

  • Assessing the level of “team” leadership required and comparing this to the present situation
  • Identifying the team’s collective strengths and weaknesses in providing leadership
  • Mapping out a plan for leadership team effectiveness

Leadership in the Organisation

4_landscape-01Relevant when the group attending the workshop might consider how leadership relates to the organisation’s strategy and functioning. Content can vary widely but may include:

  • Information on key indicators such as business performance, customer data, employee attitudes
  • The organisation’s Culture and its impact on business performance

Click here if you want to read a case study illustrating one of our approaches to Leadership Development

Style of Leadership Workshops

Each leadership workshop will be designed for the needs of the organisation and the delegates attending that workshop.   The style will however be consistent, in that:

  • A climate of frankness and honesty is established
  • Delegates focus on real leadership issues
  • Participants are encouraged to demonstrate changes in approach and to plan for consolidating those
  • Confidentiality outside the workshop about what participants do and say is emphasised
  • There is a mix of action, ideas and reflection
  • People are encouraged to seek and receive encouragement and to build their confidence as leaders
  • Opportunities are created to focus also on what individuals need to change or improve in their leadership
  • Facilitators practise what we preach. We provide leadership on the workshop but leave responsibility in the participants’ hands
  • People usually experience the workshops as a good blend of the serious and fun .

Typical core elements of our leadership workshops:

  • Input and discussion on some of the best ideas and practice in business leadership. This also connects with management and organisational performance
  • Application to individuals’ own context and situations
  • Powerful, high quality feedback sessions. All participants receive focused, in-depth feedback on their leadership. The emphasis is on genuine , positive feedback plus a few clear areas to work on
  • Opportunities to express and test out style as a leader and to make changes

Additional elements can include:

  • Questionnaires to provide insight into leadership style
  • Establishment of Action Learning Groups to follow through on leadership development plans
  • Leadership 360° feedback process. This specially tailored 360° can be used during and/or after the workshop
  • Business projects to be addressed during/after the workshop

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact Kevin McKee. 

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