Influencing Programmes for Effective Management Skills


Cole-McKee specialises in key skills for organisational effectiveness

Our Experience:

  • Kevin McKee has been a leading Influence coach and developer for over 20 years
  • We have a dedicated, experienced team of Influence trainers and coaches to match any in the field
  • Our capability in design and delivery of Influence training has been built over 2 decades
  • We blend the best established practice with a constant eye on new applications and issues
  • Our facilitators all have great depth and breadth of experience in Influencing styles and strategies
  • Our Influence training is backed up by a personal belief in the importance of positive influence

Influencing ProgrammesInfluence PODs

  • This is a ground breaking approach to developing the essential skills of Influence.  Each POD is a focused half day learning session on a Key part of the Influence Skill set.  They are designed for maximum impact and learning.  The latter is reinforced by a month-long ‘back at work’ tailored process, to reinforce and consolidate improvements.

To learn more see our PODs overview video

Strategic Influence Training for Business Leaders

  • A specially designed Influence programme for senior managers, unique in integrating the challenge of changing personal behaviour with concepts of strategic change in relation to leadership and management skills

Influence Styles and Strategy

  • A leading edge Influence programme for middle managers and senior specialists
  • Genuinely challenges participants to review and improve their personal approach to influence
  • Draws on the best contemporary research about how to get your message across and build commitment, thereby developing effective influence

Tailored Influence Design

The core Cole-McKee approach can be used as a platform for many application areas. Examples have been:

  • Team development events based around internal and external influence
  • Customer service as an influence process
  • Matrix organisation effectiveness through effective influence
  • Building a shared culture via positive influence behaviour and many others.

The Cole-McKee Approach

Our designs are:

  • Highly practical
  • Experienced based
  • Rigorously tested and developed

Each one concentrates on learning and applications in those key foundation areas:


  • Knowing what matters to you
  • Positive but realistic goals
  • Influential self image
  • Image of others as:(a) having legitimate needs (b) being (usually) open to influence

Skill and Behaviour

  • Ability to assess what is needed to influence different people/situations
  • Flexibility/range of influencing styles and strategies
  • Capacity to make impact of influence equal to intention (much focus on nonverbal behaviour)

Strategy and Politics

  • Knowing who to influence – who has the power to help achieve your goals
  • Developing key relationships to build commitment
  • Preparing for and learning from critical influence meetings
  • Adapting to the organisational/ national culture you are influencing in

Participant Feedback

Many clients have evaluated the influence events run for them by Cole-McKee. The results, especially in long-term behaviour change, are consistently impressive.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact Kevin McKee.

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