Executive One-to-One Coaching

Executive One-to-One Coaching for Improved Management Performance

Most managers today are keenly aware of the need to improve their management skills and performance in order to keep up with the rapidly changing market they work in.

However, the conundrum is often “how do I take time to develop my skills and get better at my job, when it takes me virtually every waking hour just to keep abreast of my responsibilities?”

Although many organisations are still enthusiastic about the benefits of training workshops, there are times when for some of their key senior people it is just not practical for them to spend 3 or 4 days away from their teams. This is where coaching comes in.

Our approach to coaching is straightforward.

We are experienced coaches and can deliver performance improvements through a number of finite sessions (usually about 6 – 10). All our coaches are experts in their fields and have a wide range of disciplines to draw upon including:

  • Psychometrics (e.g. Myers Briggs, Firo B, Lifestyles, OPQ, MQ and Hay-McBer MSQ etc.)
  • Sports Coaching
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Gestalt
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Influencing styles and strategies skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Team and individual conflict resolution

Although each coaching assignment is different, we generally undertake the following:

  • Joint analysis of the issues (can also involve the boss if appropriate).
  • Agreement about the coaching relationship and contract.
  • Diagnosis of the current performance (questionnaires, surveys or interviews)
  • Series of focused, practical sessions helping the individual to address whatever the issues are.
  • Concluding session in which next steps are firmly put in place and further development options are considered.


Example of a recent coaching assignment

A very senior manager in the Finance sector had been promoted in to a very high profile position with a budget in excess of £50 million and about 80 people reporting to him (some in other countries).

He wanted some one-to-one coaching to help him organise himself efficiently and to develop the leadership skills necessary to make the new role a success.

Rosanne worked with him in 8 x 2 hour sessions over 7 months, using a combination of diagnostic tools and challenging skills development to help him to extend his range of leadership behaviours.

Critically, they identified a need to develop better listening skills, communication skills and also he wanted help on managing the boundaries between his home and work life. With a series of very practical, work-centred solutions, he has increased his productivity whilst reducing his hours at work, improved his relationships with his new management team and developed a strategy for communicating regularly with his new colleagues and work associates. Feedback from his peers has been very positive!


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