Our Services: Change Management, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and People Processes

The only way that organisations succeed is by mobilising their own resources to best effect. Our contribution is to help make this happen. We are unlikely to be found compiling vast reports or telling people how to run their organisations. Rather, we UN-dam the pool of talent and energy which exists inside the business.

Cole-McKee believes a consistent, skilful touch, rather than a crude, sledgehammer blow, will produce enduring results. Typically we help through:

Facilitation of workshops for management teams
Cole-McKee has been a leading coach and developer in this area for over 18 years; all our facilitators have great depth and breadth of experience in this field. Find out more about Management Team Workshops

Managing Change
Cole-McKee specialises in key skills for organisational effectiveness; we blend the best established practice with a constant eye on new applications and issues. Find out more about Managing Change

Influencing Programmes
Our capability in design and delivery of Influence training has been built over two decades; we have a dedicated, experienced team of influence trainers and coaches to match any in the field. This goes with a personal belief in the importance of positive influence. Read more about our Influencing Programmes

Leadership Development
Cole-McKee has developed a distinctive but “gimmick free” style of Leadership Development.
We believe that leadership development must be matched carefully to the organisational context and we therefore only offer tailored programmes built around the organisation’s needs, and these three building blocks:

  • Leadership Capability
  • The Leadership Team
  • Leadership in the Organisation

Find out about our Leadership Development services

Executive one-to-one coaching
Most managers today are keenly aware of the need to improve their skills and their performance in order to keep up with the rapidly changing market they work in. However, the conundrum is often “how do I take time to develop my skills and get better in my job, when it takes me virtually every waking hour just to keep abreast of my responsibilities?”

For many key senior management it is just not practical to spend 3 or 4 days away from their teams. This is where Executive one-to-one coaching comes in; we are experienced coaches and can deliver performance improvements through a number of finite sessions (usually about 6 – 10).

As a subset of Cole-McKee Partnership we have established a group of experienced coaches who can either work together as a ‘Panel’ or individually if there is a one-off need in your organisation under the umbrella of Executive one-to-one coaching

Our coaching group has a very wide range of disciplines to draw upon; all our coaches are experts in their fields and have worked as coaches for a number of years.

Questionnaires, Surveys and People Processes
Our clients tell us that information is a critical business tool and that they need information about their marketplace, their competitors, their clients, their organisation’s performance and about their employees. We specialise in designing questionnaires and surveys that help organisations to drive their businesses forward with a motivated, committed and skilled workforce. Our people processes include 360° feedback and designing Competency Frameworks.

Assesssment and Development
There are a variety of ways in which Assessment is applied in organisations and we help our clients in the following areas:

  • Individual Assessment; to identify the skills and ability of an individual in your organisation (perhaps for promotion, or for a key role).
  • Assessment Centres: at times you may need information about a group of managers or specialists, perhaps in order to decide who may be eligible for new roles in a specific timeframe.
  • Development Centres; assessment approaches can also be used to identify people’s development needs; we specialise in specific designs for maximum effectiveness.

We offer our expertise in helping our clients to ensure that the assessment and development processes are independent of one another and that participants are crystal clear about what process they are going through.
In all cases we can provide (and recommend) follow-up feedback and coaching for participants to optimise the value of the processes.