The Cole McKee Partnership’s Wide-Ranging Coaching Skills

Cole-McKee Coaching

As a subset of Cole-McKee Partnership we have established a group of experienced coaches who can either work together as a ‘Panel’ or individually if there is a one-off need in your organisation under the umbrella of Cole-McKee Coaching.

All our coaches are experts in their fields and have worked as coaches for a number of years. Our coaching group has a very wide range of disciplines to draw upon and we can offer you the following approaches:

  • Psychometrics MyersBriggs/FiroB/Lifestyles/OPQ/MQ etc.)
  • Gestalt
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Sports coaching
  • NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)
  • Leadership skills
  • Influence training
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Team/individual conflict resolution

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact Rosanne Cole 

Other Management Development Services:

Leadership Development
Executive one-to-one coaching
Influencing Programmes