Organisational Development For Business Renewal

Our client is a very successful business in the chemical industry which had a change of ownership in 2008. The acquisition was an extended process and all absorbing at times for the management team. The new owners are keen to see plans for consolidation and growth. The chairman recommended that the executive board should work with Cole-McKee on a strategy for organisational development.

We first worked with the board to define the new Vision and Strategy for the business and the Critical Success Factors for turning these into results. In parallel we helped the top team to define its role in providing collective and individual leadership for the business.

As well as ongoing work with the board we helped to establish a Change Steering Group to co-ordinate the long term changes the organisation needs. We are also supporting the first stages of key interventions in Employee Engagement and Leadership Succession and Development.

This is a whole system change project. Our main role is to help develop the capability in the organisation to lead their change efforts. After several months working with them the clients are finding it easier to plan and communicate change in the short and long terms. They are developing leaders at all levels to engage the workforce with these changes.

We also recommend an article providing an overview of Organisation Development by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.

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