Leadership Development For Strategic Change

Our client is a high profile service organisation. They are publicly funded but operating in an increasingly commercial arena. They have formulated a radical strategy to meet the new challenges in their sector. In assessing the capability of the organisation to execute the new strategy leadership at senior levels was identified as a significant weakness.

The organisation had an executive management team but also an extended leadership group comprised mainly of the top team’s direct reports. We find this arrangement a lot in organisations now. Often such groups lack focus and are unproductive and this extended group was struggling for a sense of purpose.

Working with the top team we developed a plan for a year long leadership programme involving both the top team and the extended leadership group. The aim was to build the leadership bench strength to begin executing the new strategy.

This was a very challenging assignment. Very little margin for error and great pressure to get it right first time. Thanks to a strong client relationship and our working at the top of our game it worked. The client has more sophisticated, flexible and confident senior leaders. Maybe as important is the creation of a powerful leadership community. They are well placed to support and challenge each other in a period of huge continuing change in their organisation.

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