Leadership Coaching for a Chief Operating Officer

Our client is a high profile UK based company producing and selling luxury products. As part of a reorganisation the role of Chief Operating Officer was created and an internal appointment made. The HR Director suggested that the C.O.O. should do some work with one of our coaches to develop his impact in this role.

Of all the senior roles in organisations that of C.O.O. is perhaps the hardest to categorise. (See The Leadership Team ? strengths or conflicting agendas: Harvard Business Review Article No. R0704F if you are interested in examples.) Our coach worked with the incumbent to assess the core purpose of the role in this organisation and what he should focus on in order to be effective. Then using the classic GROW model we defined the goals for the coaching process and worked with him on these.

Any coaching assignment is unique and at the most senior levels of management we find that the challenges are especially diverse and complex. Nonetheless we were able to help this top manager to:

  • focus on and clearly communicate his role;
  • develop effective relationships with his key colleagues;
  • fulfil the needs of the organisation which his role was designed to meet;
  • use his strengths confidently and settle into the role.

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