Developing Internal Finance Advisers For A Change Of Role Within Their Organisation

Our client is the UK division of an international organisation providing business solutions. They pride themselves on the competence and professionalism of their client advisers. However, a new Finance Director had recognised that the quality of advice and support within the organisation did not reflect these same standards.

As part of an overall strategy to develop how Finance relates to the rest of the business we have provided development in Influencing Skills for Advisers for key finance professionals.

We designed the development programme with the key managers within finance plus the company?s Learning and Development manager. They worked hard to make sure that the briefing and preparation for delegates was thorough and that the learning was supported and followed up.

The programme has achieved exceptional results in terms of behavioural change. We would like to think this is at least in part due to the quality of the design and facilitation! However, helping our clients in the organisation provide the context and support for their delegates was just as important. Instead of personal development being run as an isolated activity it is being treated as an integral part of a change in organisational culture.

Click here for a description of the programme we designed for the finance professionals. There is also a link to the summary of the Trusted Adviser, which influenced our thinking on this type of development.