Consulting Support for a Global IS/IT Restructuring

Our client is a large, French owned international organisation with diverse business holdings. Over a long period IS/IT support across the group had been run on a decentralised basis. Changes in the business and organisational context required reversing this trend. The scale and diversity of this organisation make this a real challenge. Also existing ways of working are deeply entrenched in the business as well as in the IS/IT community.

We have been working with the senior IS/IT team and their dedicated change manager to accelerate a change process which had become badly stalled. Our chief role has been to consult with and facilitate the key players individually and as a group. The aim is to help them to provide the right type of Leadership for this difficult organisational transition.

The project is now regaining momentum through:

  • A clearly articulated Vision of what the change is expected to achieve;
  • Critical Success Factors for managing and leading the change process;
  • A coherent Change Plan for achieving Quick Wins to deliver on the critical success factors;
  • Next steps in engaging more Advocates for the change in the IT/IS community and among senior managers and ?customers? in the business;
  • A more unified team of top IT/IS managers to lead the change.