About us

Rosanne Cole (BA, MIPD)
Joint Managing Partner

Kevin and I established this flourishing change management business in 1994. My professional background is in Human Resources management and development and I now have more than 30 years’ experience of all aspects of HR in a wide range of fast moving blue chip companies.

As a performance management consultant specialising in executive coaching, I have specialised in working with individuals and small groups. I use a wide range of psychometric tools in my work with my clients to encourage them to build greater self-awareness. I am also experienced in designing questionnaires and 360Âș processesas well as assessment and development centres, both for individuals and groups.

My interest lies in working with people to maximise their talents and abilities and to help them find a way of applying these to best effect in their organisations.

My broad background in Human Resources development and management enables me to draw on my knowledge of organisational processes such as pay and benefits, performance management, selection methods, structures and communication to help people overcome blocks to success.

In addition to my work as a performance management consultant, I am responsible for our own finance and marketing and for managing the relationships with our Associates and suppliers.

Kevin McKee (MSc, CPsychol)
Joint Managing Partner

I have spent my career working on issues of organisational and individual development and effectiveness, resulting in increased success, achievement and fulfillment for companies and personnel at every level.

I studied Occupational Psychology and have found this discipline an invaluable context for my work. We know a great deal about what the best, enduring businesses do to succeed. We understand how individuals can stay on track, deal with problems & realise their potential. The true challenge is how to apply this knowledge; this is my life’s work in the organisational, management and consulting roles I have held.

My work within Cole-McKee falls into four main areas:

  • Facilitating and coaching on issues of change and organisation development.
  • Designing and running development events, primarily in aspects of Leadership Development and Positive Influencing.
  • Individual coaching for key executives and individuals.
  • Initial contact with clients – exploring their needs through Assessment and Development, developing a positive relationship and contracting how we will work together.

I have worked in many different parts of the world and in a wide range of industries. I believe that one of the biggest dangers in business (and life) is failing to question your own assumptions. I try to learn from the many different people and systems I work with and to hand these lessons on to my clients.

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